Replacing AirPort Extreme with Peplink Balance as Primary Router


Does anyone have any overall words of wisdom for installing a Balance unit into a network that was previously managed alone an Apple AirPort Extreme alone?

I just received my Balance 20 model yesterday and have been experimenting with it while I wait for my second Internet connection to be installed.The Extreme unit was taken out of the mix and replaced with an Express model as a test access point. Immediately I found a few connection issues with other Apple products that were previously seamless with the Extreme and needed to be reconfigured through the Balance (yup, I have the list of port forwarding details). It is still too early to state this, but I do miss that the Extreme “just worked” and required so little tweaking. I am hoping that once I get the Balance completely configured, that it will be the same and all the trouble (not to mention gamble of signing a contract with a second ISP) will be worth it. In the meantime, I am interested in any feedback from Peplink customers that are also Mac Heads.

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Dr. Z.