Replacement of non attached parts


I ve been making some troubleshooting in a messy environment (the back seats of a truck) and misplaced the cover of the sim cards in a MAX-TST-DUO device.
It took me about two hours to find it, but left me wondering if these spare parts (sim card covers, terminal blocks etc) could be bought separately in case they are lost or broken.


Hello @pkostovasilis,
Your local Peplink Partner can help with sourcing spare parts; the SIM covers are not listed as a spare part yet if you are in need of replacements, your Peplink Partner would be able to work with Peplink to source the parts for you.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


I was able to get a sim card cover and screw from 5gstore

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Thank you both for your replies.
I ll keep that in mind in case such need comes up.
best regards