Repeated internet shutdowns

I had the Soho Surfer for a year with no problem and got the Balance 20X in 12/2021. Although it gives double the download speed from Spectrum vs. the Soho Surfer, the Balance 20x shuts down internet service or 2-3 minutes about twice/day and different times in the day.

Usually, service comes up in 3 minutes or so with no reboot of router, though occasionally I have to reboot the router. I have worked with Spectrum tech to eliminate the Modem or Spectrum service as cause of the problem.

Two weeks ago, router shut down completely. I had to do a factory reset. (I have the latest firmware.) Is there anything further I can do? Or do I have to return the router under warranty?

                     Thanks, cma

What could be causing this?

hat do the logs say? How are you connected? Is your client device that is experiencing the disconnect using WiFi or hardwired? Is the Spectrum the only WAN? Are you sure its no the cable modem dropping out? What testing have you done to try to isolate the issue?

Mystery, thanks for detailed reply. Are you with Peplink?
How do I check the router logs?
My Balance 20X has 4 wired Ethernet connections to 4 computers plus wifi to TV. Until recently, it was the internet connection to the 4 computers that went down for about 3 minutes; now also TV goes out.
Spectrum modem is the only WAN.
Yes, I am sure that Spectrum’s modem is not dropping out. I did connection directly from modem to computer with no issues. Also, on 4/4/22 Spectrum tech checked their records to see if modem service to me had any interruptions, and they saw none. (I had had 2 brief interruptions.) Finally, I don’t need to reboot modem, but only the router, to get connected again.

I am not. My suggestion is to look at the different tabs and manual. It should be pretty easy to find the event log both on the local admin page and IC2.

Your TV may have been losing signal as well and it had simply buffered enough that it kept going.

What do the Spectrum modem logs show at that time? There should be a local web page where you can see the cable modem logs too.

Just want to share that we recently saw a similar situation with a Balance ONE. At random times it would just cutoff access to the Internet. It was not an ISP outage because we could access the ONE from the outside with our iPhones switched to cellular. We also could not ping it or access it from inside our network.
Most of the time if we waited a few minutes, access would be restored.
It didn’t happen every day, but was happening enough that after a few weeks we replaced it with a new ONE. The new ONE has the same config and same firmware, and does not exhibit the problem. FW is 8.0.2 4407.