Repair service, Peplink products

As Peplink have discountinued their repair service, does anyone know of any options to get a unit repaired?

May I know what model of your device? Is it out of warranty?

HD2 out of warranty. Unit is from 2018, so fairly new.

HD2 is a bluechip device. Please refer to our hardware renewal policy below.

If your device is under the trade-in replacement, please contact local Peplink partner to do a trade-in.

Trade-in for such a low value on such an expensive relatively new unit is not what I would call a good deal. I’d rather have it repaired.

Whats the fault?

Same as a few other posts I have seen here on the forum. When applying power to the unit, all I get is the red light. Does not move on/boot properly. Made an attempt of a factory reset using the button, but nothing seem to happen.

There is connectivity on the LAN ports, but can’t get IP from DHCP and I am unable to access the unit when I set an IP manually.