Reordering of SSIDs in IC2

Good Morning
We would like to be able to reorder the SSIDs entered in IC2 which are been pushed to a group of 17 Devices (16 AP ONE ENT & 1 Transit DUO).
The problem we have is that the Transit DUO only supports 3 SSIDs (cant find any documentation about this) and the transit DUO is taking the first three SSIDs entered in IC2.
This would be much easier then deleting and then re-entering the details relating to that SSID.
We have used Tags to exclude the SSIDs from the Transit DUO which works nicely but would off been quicker to reorder the SSIDs.
Thank You

In our original design, we actually expect our users to use tags to apply the exact amount of SSIDs to devices. Picking the top N SSIDs is just a fallback for handling the case a user selected more than the supported amount of SSIDs. However in real world, I understand some SSIDs shall be available on most or all devices. It does make sense to be able to move them to the top. So we have put your suggestion to our roadmap. We will implement it in our future release. Thanks for your suggestion.