Remove unused wans from "WAN Connection Status"

Maybe this is buried in the forum someplace, but my searching has not uncovered it.

On my Surf SOHO MK3, under “WAN Connection Status” in both the Dashboard & Network-WAN screens, some old WiFi WAN connection types are displayed in the “Disabled” area that were from me experimenting when the MK3 first came out. I can’t seem to figure out how to delete them completely. They obviously are part of the settings, so they have persisted though numerous firmware upgrades.

Anyone know how to get rid of them? If that’s not possible, I would consider that a bug, and a big one.

For Soho and Max series, all WAN options will be always visible on the Dashboard, no matter if you used them before or not. So just drag it to disable if you not using it



For Balance series, go to Network, WAN and uncheck Enable, then it won’t show on the Dashboard:


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@aldwinaldwin is right. This is more like WebAdmin WebUI displaying method between Balance Series/MAX/SOHO devices.

If you still having any concerns, possible do give us a screenshot and we can further discuss on that.

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If it’s WiFi WAN go to it’s details page scroll down and you can delete it.