Remove device from incontrol2 without loosing running configurations



Can i remove my devices from incontrol2 account without loosing the running configurations such as (WAN, LAN, Outbond Policy, PepVPN )

My current topology is
1- i have two BPL-1350 in HA mode as for head quarter (Main Location)
2- i have two BPL-1350 in HA mode as for (DR Location)
3- i have several BPL-20 in each branch
4-VPN profiles are established from each branch to HQ in normal case, and it will be directed to DR location in case of emergency

By the way, Every thing is going well as for web-based configurations,

My question is, can i move the running configurations from web to local devices without need to re-configure every thing.

I know that i can download the configuration for each device then remove this device from incontrol2 “Which means the device will factory-reset” then upload the configuration to this device locally

Well, is there any another way to do this…

Many Thanks