Remotely managing a device behind the Pepwave MAX BR1


We are trying to help a customer remotely manage a device via 4G with the Pepwave MAX BR1.

Our customer is a supplier of washboxes (mini carwashes), which are controlled by a Windows PC.
They would like to remotely approach the PC via 4G, that’s why they bought the Pepwave MAX BR1 from us.

At the moment we are struggling to make a connection which will enable our customer to manage the PC connected to the Pepwave MAX BR1.
We’ve been trying to use Dyn DNS, but this does not work.
Which type of functionality do we need to use to make this possible, is it VPN?
If yes, is it possible to get some support on how to make a VPN tunnel to the Pepwave MAX BR1?

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Dynamic hosting will not work on cellular connections. If you look in the details tab of the cellular WAN you’ll likely see a 10.x.x.x IP address. This is a private, non routable address. Any attempt at coming into the BR1 over this IP will not work. If you want to port forward into the network, or connect to a server sitting behind the BR1, you have a few options. The first is to contact the cell carrier and have them assign you a static IP address. This gives you a non changing IP, as well as a publicly routable address. You then can come into the network using the static IP, or at this point dynamic hosting works.

The other options would be to have another Peplink router and setup PepVPN/SpeedFusion between your two devices. You can then hit the IP of the BR1 and PC remotely. The only requirement here is you have a publicly routable address on your second router you are installing. It an be a dynamic address with a hostname or a static IP. The BR1 in this case could still have its private address and you can still reach it.

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Hello Kevin, thank you for your reply.

I hear a lot of stories about management via static IP adresses, an advisor of KPN (Dutch 4G provider) told me that only devices connected to the router via WiFi can be remotely managed via the static IP.
Because in that case, the static IP is useless for us, because it’s a PC that uses a LAN cable.

I have not (yet) recieved the proper training or time to be able to test a Pepwave MAX BR1 myself for a longer period of time, so I don’t know how to set up a PepVPN.
Unfortunatly, our customer is not experienced with this type of equipment either and our supplier just forwards everything to Peplink.

What would you advise to do now?

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You can remotely manage devices on the BR1 that are wireless or wired, that wont matter. Are you trying to use RDP? If so you do need a routable address and the ability to port forward those RDP ports to the PC.

You do have a workaround, and that is to use an alternative method of communicating with the PC. I’d recommend TeamViewer. It runs on the PC and from any remote PC running the TeamViewer software you can manage it. IP address type of the BR1 won’t matter.

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