Remote web admin not working


I’m testing a privately hosted ic2 on a corporate network (no internet access) and it seems that remote web admin is not working even on devices on the same LAN. Devices can reach ic2 and appear online in it. Any requiremnts for this? Am I missing something?


When you are testing a privately hosted ic2, you have probably set some dns in the control panel, for example Then the device needs to be able to translate that dns. You can make a Local DNS Record on the device, or create it somewhere else on your network. Be sure when you test the ping to the ICVA, that it get’s translated in a ip address.


On the balance devices, I have configured the IC2 ip address not hostname, also there is virtually no DNS service on the network and to access the ic2 using the browser I’m using hosts file on my laptop.
You’re saying that the balance devices should somehow do a successful dns (reverse ?) lookup of the ic2 host?


Indeed. Just like your browser uses the hosts file, the balance needs to do the same thing somehow. Please try if that solves the issue.


It works ! Thanks @aldwinaldwin !