Remote users needing access to the network

This might be a stupid question but if I have a Balance device at our head office, with our remote site connected back via SpeedFusion like a long ethernet cable, how do I do the same for remote users? So for example if I’m on the road and connected via LTE on my laptop but need to access the corporate network. How would I VPN in from a laptop to the network directly? Or would I need to buy a firewall or something else and not do it through the Balance?

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You can set up VPN access to/through the Balance as long as you have a public IP. From the admin UI go to Network > Remote User Access. You should probably use L2TP with IPsec over PPTP. Choose your WAN IP(s), the connected network, authentication settings, and that’s about it. Set up a VPN connection from your client device and you should be good to go.

Great thanks. We don’t have a public IP though just dynamic, but we use FusionHub so our public IP is the FusionHub one. So to access the PBX remotely etc we are accessing FusionHub’s IP so it doesn’t make a difference then which of our multiple WANs are active. Am I able to enable the remote user access but then connect via FusionHub’s public IP?

Respectful suggestion: Configure your Balance as a L2TP server. If you don’t have a static IP address a DDNS address will work fine – just enter that address into the L2TP client (in this case, your laptop) as the destination/host. We have many such configurations operational – they work fine. Nothing “extra” to buy – it just works.

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Thanks for the suggestion I’ll try that also. It’s literally for just 1 employee that needs to remotely connect to a file share otherwise I wouldn’t need it at all.

It’ll work fine for that purpose. If you use DDNS in lieu of a static address WAN-side, don’t forget to configure that on the router. Peplink devices update the DDNS upon boot-up and when the WAN connects (but, seemingly, only then.)


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Hello Rick,
how about configuring external access for a particular server i have setup?I have set up a server for VPN and its running on Centos 7 and i want its domain( to be accessed externally by our ISP .Internally the assigned IP address works fine and its fully resolved with that domain name i gave it but the external access doesn’t work.