Remote User VPN + Speedfusion Connections

I have a FusionHub deployed in AWS. Speedfusion connection to remote devices (MAX series routers) is setup and working well. I’d like the ability to also have a remote user VPN connection to the FusionHub but when I enable the remote user, the Speedfusion tunnels are no longer able to connect. I’ve seen a few other reports of similar issues, but no resolutions?

SpeedFusion use UDP 4500 as data port by default. If Remote User Access is enabled, UDP 4500 port will be used by the service and SpeedFusion will use alternate UDP 32015 as data port. Please modify FusionHub instance’s security group to allow Inbound UDP 32015 port.



Please refer to the data port requirement below:


Thank you both @sitloongs & @Kenny. That got me sorted.

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