Remote User Access different networks?

I’ve got a single user set up using Network / Remote User Access via PPTP, connected to one of my VLANs. Works great.

But now I have a different user, and I want that user to be given access to different things. Is this possible?

Basically I want user1 to be on VLAN1, and user 2 to be on VLAN2 when they connect via PPTP.

Is such a setup possible?

An acceptable workaround would be if User1 has “everything” access (WAN/LAN, etc, no isolation), and user 2 is fully isolated and can only access the WAN.

I see in this thread it’s been noted as On the Roadmap: Remote User Access for Different Users / Different Network Segments - #7 by Ron_Case

In the mean time, I wonder: is there any way to make it work NOW, using firmware 8.1.1?

For example:

  • set up an OpenVPN access with access to a specific VLANX for user1 and user2
  • enable inter VLAN routing
  • create a firewall rule denying all routing from VLANX to other networks
  • figure out user1’s MAC address and give them a DHCP reservation to a specific IP on VLANX
  • add a new firewall rule granting that IP access to cross from VLANX to the main LAN

Would this work?

I think I had previously posted asking how Peplink assigns MAC addresses to VPN clients for this very reason…