Remote User Access - Access to Multiple LANs


I’ve a Balance380 with 3 LANs set up … LAN1 (VLAN=None, , LAN2 (VLAN=2, LAN3 (VLAN=3,

I’ve also got Remote User Access set up to connect to LAN1. This works fine to access any devices on LAN1.

Is there a way to set up some sort of routing so that Remote Users can also access devices on LAN 2? They don’t need access to the whole network. I just want to expose two static IPs in LAN2 to LAN1.

Locally, users that get IPs from LAN1 can access LAN2, but not when they remotely connect with the VPN.



Now that you have the VPN up, you need to decide how to route traffic. you can select either “send all traffic” via the VPN. or you can configure individual networks.

Once the connectivity works then you can use the Firewall rules to restrict access.

On a MAC you can put the commands into /etc/ppp/ip-up

/sbin/route add -net -interface $1
/sbin/route add -net -interface $1
/sbin/route add -net -interface $1

On windows:

Follow the advice in this thread: