Remote Syslog Sever - not accepting URL

We are setting up a remote syslog server and find that the Pepwave devices get this error when using a URL instead of an IP. “Invalid Syslog Server IP” Balance routers have no issue using the URL.

May i know the device model and firmware version running for your device ? Possible to share the error message screenshot here ?

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Firmware is 3.5.4 build 1681 on Pepwave AP One AC Mini.


Balance One, Core, 380 and 580 do not have this issue.

Remote Syslog setting for PepWave AP only allow configure remote syslog host by using “IP address”. We will improve this in future firmware release to allow Remote Syslog configure using domain hostname. Tentatively it should be available for firmware 3.6.0 and above.

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