Remote/SIMcloud for SIM injector

Hi looking for more info and some examples on how to use simcloud as im setting up an off site sim-bank but this is my first time doing this and trying to check this page as some suggest doesnt work. Is the site down?

I’m not sure why that website is down. Perhaps @sitloongs can help you.
Here is an alternative method to connect them.
What version of fw is your simbank?
What device are you trying to connect, and what fw version is it running?
At the location where you have the simbank do a TCP/UDP port forward for the data port listed on the settings page of your simbank/siminjector.
Mine is set to 50000.
On the remote client device you are connecting to it , setup remotesim.
Advanced (tab)-> Remote sim host settings → Enter WAN IP of site that has the simbank/siminjector behind that router.
Add at least one remotesim, add the simbank s/n ,servername i.e bank1, simname, data roamin and apn if required.
On the remote client device go to the cellular wan and change cellular settings to use remote sim only.
Enter the s/n(with dashes): simnumber you want to connect to.
1234-5678-9123:4 (connect to sim4 in unit ending with 9123)

Additional testing you may want to open port 80 for the simbank temporarily to confirm that port forwarding is working correctly.

Let me know if you have issues, I’ll try to help.

Thanks for the info, its about how I expected to do this :slight_smile: I havent tried it yet so I will se if it works.
Im using HD2 Domes and Injector both with the latest fw.

But what is this terminology here and what am I missing ? Sure the setup could be called “Remote sim” with a remote sim injector but where does SIMCloud comes in? What is it? And what is Fusion SIM? Is this some web interface for managing the sim injector? Why is not this a part of incontrol? Also does the sim injector has a remote web admin like the the Domes?

Remotesim is traditionally used for a simbank on the LAN side, with proper setup it can also be used on the WAN side.I always call it remotesim when the two devices are directly talking to each other regardless of it being on the LAN or WAN side.

Fusionsim and simcloud are one in the same in this example and it is a SaaS provided by peplink.
It is a service to allow mapping and connections of the simbank to the remote units without having to know the WAN ip or setup ports. Essentially each device talks to fusionsim and it exchanges the information. The management of the simbank injector web interface is light and very limited. I assume the expectation is to manage via the simcloud. I can’t answer why it’s not integrated into incontrol2 yet, only that it’s developed as a seperate service currently. I would recommend filing a ticket to ask for an invite to the replacement service of simcloud.


@Jonathan_Pitts is right. Please open a ticket and we will review your request. FusionSIM still in beta phase now and only opened for selected partners.