Remote office setup

Hi folks,

I have peplink routers in most of my company’s offices. We recently added a small office, and I’d like to set it up remotely if at all possible.

I was thinking of having a Balance One, a POE switch, and an AP One AC shipped from amazon to the office. I’d get the serials over the phone, and add them to incontrol2. If the Balance One gets an IP from the cable router that is already there, I assume I could set the rest of it up remotely.

Does this sound like a realistic scenario?




The deployment method should be realistic enough. We have a lot of partner/customer deploying Peplink/Pepwave devices remotely using the same methods. This is the original idea for the InControl2 that allow device to be manage remotely without Public IP address or inbound access rules from the modem.

By default InControl2 (IC2) Management is enabled for the devices and as long as the devices have active WAN connection then you should able to configure the devices using IC2 Remote Web Admin.

Thank You

Sounds good, thanks!