Remote modem hardware

A “remote modem” would be a huge offering for Peplink I think. Can offer two options: one in Dome format and maybe one not in dome format so external antennas can be used. Plugs into ethernet port of Peplink router. I think it would sell well…

Use case: mounting up high on mast/roof, still want a separate Peplink router “brain”, but do not want long antenna wire run that degrades signal. Dome can be weather tight so ethernet run goes straight into building then to router, or if use the non-Dome, can run shorter antenna wires up mast, then into an attic to the remote modem, then there it switches to ethernet, directly to Peplink router located on another floor.

Its just a shame to have to invest $$$$ in a Dome if you are only using it for cellular connection and not routing, then still have to pay for a nice Peplink router to handle everything (hardware connection to ISP, etc). This can even be used on boats, where one wants to mount antenna high up on mast, and needs a long run to router in climate controlled cabin.

Not to complicate things further, but even a WiFi WAN solution combined or separate could also be good! Dome or way to connect an antenna, power via PoE, ethernet all the way to the peplink.

I might mention we have adapted an existing product for similar uses several times: We’ve taken a BR1 Mini LTEA, placed it in a ventilated NEMA box (or similar) and fed it power via POE. The routers are in IP Pass-through mode. I recall one of them was for use in an area that can get quite warm so we included a temperature-activated fan in that one. In each case it served as a WAN for a Peplink router, as you suggest. Just an idea.

that is an idea. thank you. should be sufficient for a temporary link. do you mind sharing then enclosure design, what fan you use, and how you power the fan? in another use case i have (boats) it would need to be primary link, so better hardware than the mini in those cases would be appreciated.

FWIW, we’ve employed a similar set-up - an in-house Peplink router fed (in part) by a Transit Duo mounted on a pole outside, with a Peplink Mobile antenna.

The pole being far away stringing an antenna cable to the house was unattractive, whereas a PoE cable from the house to the pole was a piece of cake, and it powered the Transit Duo (using a PoE power/ethernet splitter), which then fed the main router.

The enclosure was a basic IP67 box - the Transit is sufficiently robust (-40° – 65°C) so no fancy fan-work was required.

It is simple, it works well, and we’re happy :-).



This is what im trying to do, can be more specific on [quote=“Rick-DC, post:2, topic:39684”]
The routers are in IP Pass-through mode.
Is it referring to BR1 Mini or the one it is connected to?
Where is that setting?