Remote management of Peplink kit from non-InControl tool

I have a customer who needs out of band management and they really like the BR1 and BR1 mini for this.
They are a global firm that manages network switches all over the planet and they have a router management tool for all their existing hardware and they’d like to add their Peplink estate into it as well.
This means they have only one management interface to use for all their networking equipment.
Also if they require a change to a firewall rule for example across their entire estate they won’t have to visit each Peplink individually as they can push mass updates from their current system in this way.

Hello @Rory_Ingen,
The Peplink equipment supports SNMP as used by SolarWinds and Paessler PRTG.

We have been using PRTG Network Monitor with Peplink and found it works fine, out of band management will depend on the ability of there SNMP system to work with the available options within the Peplink MIB file. It take a bit to get setup and running and to also maintain.

At the end of the day though we have found the best option for managing the Peplink Equipment by a long way is the InControl2 platform.

If you need help in this, there are several active forum members here, it may be worth while engaging one of them in your local area (or ask Peplink for a recommendation).
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: