Remote external antennas for SOHO Surf?

Is it possible, and would there be any benefit, to using two remote external antennas mounted on bases like these? The bases have 3 meter cords, so to overcome signal losses I’d use 7 dBi high gain dual band dipole antennas.

Is there any spacing or orientation requirement for MIMO antennas on the SOHO?

In my case the remote antennas would enable a more centralized location with fewer signal obstructions, while keeping the router accessable.

This looks like a good setup, just separate the 2 antennas by at least 3 inches from each other.

Thanks for the quick reply, I’ll give it a try and post results here. I just ordered a Surf SOHO so it will be a little while…

I don’t expect to use the 5 Ghz band, so I may go with these 12 dBi omnidirectional monsters. I’m using a sing AP for the entire house, so a potential problem with high gain antennas reduced vertical gain. At least, my understanding is that a trade off for higher gain is less vertical sensitivity, meaning less sensitivity to signals outside the horizontal plane of the antenna. I could angle the antennas, but then I’d lose the effective omni-directionality.

This setup is for a timber frame house with lots of open spaces, so the antennas will be mounted on a beam that is at floor level of the second story, dead center of the house. Maybe I’ll just test both low and high gain antennas and see which work best.