Remote End to End Device connection/communication through pepVPN?

We have established the pepVPN through a Star Topology.

Balance SDX: Hub Device
10 x UBR LTEs: End point-devices.

May I know how to setup the connection between a workstation/laptop/IP Camera connected to the Balance SDX and the UBR LTEs?

There really isn’t much to be setup here as all the routers are already aware of all the subnets of the other routers.

If you are sitting behind one of the UBR’s you should be able to get to the IP camera that’s hanging off of the SDX via its IP address.

You can also reach out to the partner you purchased the gear from and they will be able to assist you more if needed.

i can ping and access the camera from one end.

But when connected in reverse. I cannot ping the camera.

A: SDX>UBR>Camera = can access the camera through SDX
B: UBR>SDX>Camera = cannot access the camera through UBR.

also tried connecting a laptop to the UBR (Setup A) SDX can ping the camera, but cannot ping the laptop.