Remote Employees


I have some remote employees working from their home. They answer voip phones that are hosted on our HQ LAN which has a Peplink balance two.

Currently we use one of our three internet connections in HQ and dedicate it to the phones. IE all outbound traffic from our office for the void goes through that connection (enforced).

Is there a way I can use Peplink’s tech to allow them to connect from their remote location to some sort of bonded connection coming out of HQ to help stabilize their connection without having to purchase a separate router to each of them? IE is there a windows client that can connect to SpeedFusion Connect or something? I keep thinking there is something like this but don’t see the way that they would connect to our local lan and access the Bonded/fusion/no packet loss tech… I only see Remote user access with L2TP, PPTP or OpenVPN, but each of those will only use one of our available connections, and not all of them have static IPs. Indeed one of them is Starlink where you can’t port forward and even in Bypass mode the IP changes and things like No-IP see a different IP address from the one the Peplink modem sees.

Or am I reading this incorrectly and should just get a separate Peplink router for each of them to install on their home connections?

Appreciate your help and clarity on this confused soul!

What is the network instability you are trying to fix?.. Is it on your server WAN size or the remote worker’s connections?.

To use any SpeedFusion service between the remote users all the way to the HQ requires a peplink system at both ends… One peplink router per site would of course do this. You could also have people run a FusionHub in an VM on their computer and then route the traffic for the IP space of the VOIP phones via the FusionHub. This is of course not a simple one click sort of configuration.

If the instability is on your HQ WAN’s then you can run a fusionhub in a VM hosted in AWS or Vultr. and use Speed fusion from that cloud VM back to HQ and the individual users use one of the 3 VPN protocols to connect to the IP in the cloud.

Got it. Seems like a router in each location connecting back to the main office is the way to go.

Is there an easy way to buy these and send them pre-configured to avoid the user having to do any setup when it arrives? IE just drop it in and connect it to their modem then connect their compute to it? Hoping I could buy and pre-configure something and avoid first ahving to send it to HQ.

Yes there is. You can either work with a partner who can make that happen for you as a service (we do this here Venn for our customers internationally) or you can use InControl to build a default config that will get applied to all the devices as soon as they get internet access.

Thank you so much. I see the options in In control now in the group settings.
I guess a simple SOHO Surf would be the easiest? Since the user have just one WAN?

Or should I go with the B One.

B One all the way. latest gen chipset, later wifi. I would get the 5G because I think cellular saves the day, but even if you don’t think you need it get the 4g version (plus).

You can push esims to it and sort call and connectivity problems remotely using IC2…