Remote connection

I have a Peplink Balance-Two router at home.
I would like to access my home file server remotedly from my work computer thru VPN.
I see I can configure on the Peplink under Network the Remote User Access.
But I am missing something. On my home Peplink I don’t have a fix public IP address.
What VPN client must I use and how do I configure a service like dyn.dns or something similar.
Thanks for the help.
Andrew Hobson

If you use incontrol you can turn on the find my peplink service which is Peplinsk own dynamic DNS.

Using the “Find My Peplink” feature, you can look up your device and find the IP addresses of all its healthy public WAN connections using a DNS hostname.

Find My Peplink is disabled by default. To activate it, follow the instructions below:

  • On your device’s IC2 management page, click the edit button next to the device name (near the top left corner).
  • Scroll down and click the on/off button next to Find My Peplink Service.
  • Click the On Button and change your Find My Peplink Address if desired.
    Please note that each address needs to be unique, and are given on a first come, first served basis.

Once you can reliably get to your device using your address you can then set up remote user access. Most people use L2TP with Ipsec or OpenVPN for remote access.

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Thank you.

It is exactly the piece of information I was missing. I will now try to set my VPN access.

Peplink are really cool hardware devices :wink:


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Good stuff. Shout if you need any help!

Hi Martin & Andrew,

Will this “Find My PepLink” service work to manage the modem remotely and directly?

I have:

  • Cellular WAN configured.
  • Web Admin access enabled on the Modem.
  • Firewall set to allow traffic from my work IP Address.
  • Modem is connected to InControl2 and I also tried enabling “Device Web Admin and CLI Management” on there and I still cannot get to the Web Admin for the Modem directly (without going through InControl2).

NOTE: I can do it when I have a static IP Set on the modem, but I would like to do this with no Static IP.


Typically this doesn’t work when using dynamic IPs over cellular as those are normally CGNAT IPs that don’t allow inbound routing.

When you set a static IP I assume you are setting a public static IP which is why it works.

Personally I never open up inbound routing to cellular IPs - I consider it risky, so I always use remote web admin which works with any type of IP on the cellular connection.

Hi Martin,
Ok that makes sense and I have it setup already along with InTouch to access LAN side device. Fantastic features!