Remote Bandwidth Test Service for BR1 Mini

We like the internal bandwidth tester in the MAX BR1 Mini. Any chance you have a sever we could test with in the NE USA? Was going to ask 5G Store the same question.

Having a virtual appliance that could be spun on EC2 would also work. Not always an option finding a Free Max to act as a server for a BW test. Just saying.

Thank you for your fine products and support.


Since you probably want to have some control over the location of the test server, you could spin up a FusionHub Solo at a cloud server near you. Keeping mind that the Solo is bandwidth limited (nominally at 100 Mbps), so it is not good for anything truly high speed.

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Set this up and it was a genius idea. Word of caution. When I had Solo running on EC2 decided to do a loop back test for udp. Set it for 1 Mbs and it worked fine. Did the same for tcp where you do not set a rate limit. Hit start and 30 Mbs. Great. Looked closer 30 Gbs. Crap !! Shut it down really fast.

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Not working and not for trying.

Running EC2 instance of Solo with all UDP/TCP Ports wide open just to be sure. AWS Public address and an Elastic address as well. No luck. Either direction or protocol.

Max BR (FW 8.0) with TMobile LTEA stating IP address in both device setting and in Incontrol. No firewall blocks open to the world.


[With apologies if this is all obvious]

  • FusionHub Solos fw 8.0.0s047 build 1598 running on vultr and UpCloud. Static IP addresses.
  • A Balance 380 fw 8.0.0 build 2636. Static IP address.
  • A MAX HD2 fw 8.0.0 build 4203. Cellular connection, carrier NAT address (i.e., not routable).

Test WAN connections between the FusionHubs and the other devices.


  1. Select two devices, identify one as server (requires a routable IP address) and the other as client. In this example the FusionHub is selected as the client device and the Balance 380 as the server.

  1. Copy the IP address of the server interface you want to test from the server window to the remote IP address in the client window, and select which interface to exercise on the client. Hit “Start test.”

  1. Enjoy.

It does not matter whether your client device in the test has a routable IP address or not. Here’s an example of the test with the FusionHub (vultr/UpCloud) as server and the HD2 is the client, using a celllular connection (AT&T):

Both FusionHubs are stock Solo installations on vultr and UpCloud servers (with the caveat that the firmware is slightly modified for reasons that have nothing to do with this experiment).

If the above does not work then it seems likely that your network is in trouble, at either end. If you are running the FusionHub on vultr or UpCloud then the problem is likely at the other end.




Excellent explanation as good as I have ever seen. Just wish when I did these steps it worked. Finally gave up and and created a VPN between the Max BR and FH and used the speed test options there.

Thank you Zegor for your reply. You have encouraged me once more to get this to work.

Since your primary objective is speed testing I’d recommend mounting the FusionHub test harness on vultr or UpCloud. Dirt cheap and easy to set up (no negatives about EC2 - it just seems to provide complexities this use case does not warrant).



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