Remote assistance behind a firewall


i have a new modem and have submitted a case requiring remote assistance. my modem is currently in my house behind my router/firewall. the instructions say " configure your firewall to allow the device to connect to the host". devices on my side of the firewall can connect to any outside address so i am not sure what is needed. are they saying that i need to set up a dmz or something so that can see my surf soho or does it really just mean that my surf needs to be able to see the outside world?




Hi @indygreg,

Please PM me your support ticket number and/or the serial number of the device.

Thank you.


i have looked for 15 minutes but i cannot figure out how to send a pm in this forum. no option in messages to create a new message and no option on your profile page to pm you. maybe new users can’t pm? can someone help me here?



Hi @indygreg,

I sent you a PM, please see contact information within.

Thank you Greg.