Remote AP connect to Balance Router AP Controller through CAPWAP


Are there any manual or instruction to show the configuration of a Remote AP connect to the AP Controller through Internet network?

One the Remote AP connect to the AP Controller, can we do portal authentication in this case?

After authentication, the data traffic from Remote AP will go to the AP Controller and forward to the Internet; or can do local breakout from the Internet port at the Remote AP?



This is possible. Essentially you would add the AP to the AP controller and then configure captive portal. Any wireless connected clients to that AP will have to go through Captive Portal before being allowed access out to the internet. (This is the same for non Pepwave AP’s as well, they will just not be manageable from the AP controller, but wireless clients connected to it, will still be redirected to captive portal).

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To be more precise, here is the configuration diagram.
I can find the configuration suggestion in the Balance Router for the AP Controller, and I can’t find how to configure the AP so that the Remote AP can connect back to the Balance Router for remote management. Do you have the recommend configuration steps to share?

About the data traffic flow, after the Portal authentication done in the Balance Router, can the data traffic support 2 options,
A) direct forward from the internet port connect to the AP
B) central forward from the Balance Router
–> How to configure?


You may refer to our Knowledge base - Can I manage a remote AP outside of the network? to manage Remote AP.

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  1. Can you recommend any router that can support Local DNS?
  2. In the AP Controller, No more β€œManage Remote AP” ; just β€œExternal AP”; is it the option to select?
  3. Assume I use Peplink Balance Router at remote site connecting with AP One; can I configure 1 x SSID with WPA security, and 1 x SSID with Web Portal authentication? How to do the configuration?


Hi Rockies,

  1. Peplink router. You may find the comparison here.

  2. It is same.

  3. Please take note feature of Remote AP Management. There is only CAPWAP management data is piped to Balance router while user data does not. This mean AP configuration (SSID for this case) will be push down from Balance router remotely but user data (Internet traffics via Captive Portal) will be locally control.

AP β€”> Branch Balance router β€”> Internet β€”> (WAN1)HQ Balance router

Configuration steps:-
3.1 Enable the Manage Remote AP at HQ Balance router. Then define an extended DHCP option 138 at Branch Balance router. Please find here for more detail.
3.2 Enable Captive Portal on Branch Balance router.

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Can you please refresh the link to the article on How to manage remote AP outside of the network?