Remote Access to MAX BR1 Mini LTE when SIM card has Private Static IP through Open VPN

I have an AT&T SIM attached to a MAX BR1 Mini LTE that I just setup. I am wanting remote access to the network. What is the best way to do this?

I use Open VPN to access the private static IP address of the SIM. I tried to setup L2TP with IPsec by following the manual. When I put the server address in on my macbook, I’m using the private static IP for the SIM card. This means Open VPN has to be connected on my computer and then I click connect for the L2TP VPN. It seems to almost work (the VPN shows connected) and then I get kicked off of both the L2TP and the Open VPN. Any clues how I can simplify? I wish the Pepwave didn’t force me to setup a second VPN since I already have one for my SIM card, and instead just allow remote WAN traffic.

I’ve never tried building a L2TP with IPSec over an OpenVPN VPN tunnel from the same device sounds messy.

You have some options depending on what you need actually. Here are two.

  1. Peplink Intouch gives you secure access to LAN side devices without a VPN by using InControl.

  2. You could build a FusionHub virtual machine in the cloud, create a PepVPN to it from your BR1 and then create a LT2P o/IPSEC tunnel to the FusionHub public IP from your PC.