Remote Access to LAN device(s) behind a Peplink Router via InControl2


This is a feature request for IC2. The Remote Web Admin in IC2 allows for direct access to the Pepwave router UI. Is is possible to extend this functionality to connected LAN devices?

Remotely Access LAN devices via IC2

The short answer is yes we are going to support this but we need time for the development.

Mainly we need to prevent the abuse of this new feature. Imagine all the customers and companies who will want to view the video feed of their IP cameras, bandwidth isn’t free!



We we need is a customer owned Remote Web Admin Appliance that they can host themselves in the cloud (so at their own expense for hosting bandwidth). Then in IC2 at an organisation or group level there would be a setting for which RWA appliance to use when initiating access - keeping this traffic away from Peplink’s hosted IC2 environment.



This would be a wonderful feature for my use cases.

Thanks Peplink team.


Bandwidth isn’t free, but it’s dirt cheap. I’d imagine you could easily set a data limit to prevent abuse like that or simply require an additional subscription option (perhaps with tiered data use pricing structure) for such scenarios. Like anything else, good has to be taken with the bad. The bandwidth excuse would have been valid 5 years ago…barely. Definitely not today.