Remote access shared file on Bonjour network

I need to remotely access a Quickbooks for Mac database.

We are sharing it successfully using the instructions provided by Quickbooks witch utilizes Bonjour over LAN.

Can I connect to this file using the Remote access option in Peplink?
I can PPTP into the router and access the internet but when I scan the network I am not seeing anything of my LAN while connected to the network via PPTP.

I am sure that I am missing something basic knowledge here. Any pointers into the right direction are greatly appreciated!

Smiles across the wires,



Normally Bonjour service is running for local LAN network. Seem you are running it over PPTP connection, we may need to further test on this.

Thank You

Was this tested? Is this working?

Bonjour did not work for me. You have to use “connect to server” from the Go menu in Finder.
Network will not be discovered and you will have to enter the IP address yourself.

Bonjour over PPTP is not supported at the moment. We will look into this to improve it.