Remote Access Peplink Balace 380

Great new functionality but not wotk with Windows 10.
Does someone knows hot to use ipSEC connection with Windows 10 or third part client ?

  1. Are you referring to L2TP/IPSec? If so, please ensure the Preshared key, login credential are correct.

  2. Balance 380’s WANs are using public IP?

  3. Have you enabled DHCP server on LAN of Balance 380?

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Hello @rorygennaro,
Have you gone through guide posted here by @Alan or are you looking more specifically for a guide on how to configure the Peplink Balance Router to be a IPSec VPN Host?

This is within the article liked below, you can find it after the iOS setup instructions.

There are some other guides on configuring IPSec within the FAQ of the forum.

If you need a way to do configure the IPSec hosting from within InControl2, it is not currently an option, though it may become available in the future is enough people request it as a feature.

For now you need to setup the IPSec VPN within the Balance router.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: