Reliable unlimited Verizon data providers

I’m a full-time RV’er and have a new Max Transit Duo with the Cat 12 modems.and Primecare.

I have already secured an AT&T plan and want a Verizon plan for max available nationwide LTE coverage.
I’m not interested in any providers that require you to activate their SIM on some other device and then move it to the router or that require workarounds to get it to work.

In our home we Used 600-800 GB per month and I wouldn’t be surprised if we consumed that much data in the RV because of switching to a streaming service for TV and the fact that I will be in the RV for 1-3 days every 2 to 5 days because of limitations due to being disabled.

Recommended providers should have reasonably good support and be known to support the router.

Currently the options I have narrowed my search down to are below but feel free to recommend another provider.

OTR Mobile
Open Road Mobil
Pulse Cellular

I’m expecting to pay $100 - $150’ish for unlimited without throttling.

I will consider a capped plan with 200 - 500 GB of unlimited LTE without throttling.


Go to ebay and search for “grandfathered unlimited unthrottled verizon”
You will pay something up front then somewhere between $70 and $140 per month depending on what you find.
I use one of these at my home, as Verizon is the only good carrier and the only wired option is crap DSL. I use about 500G per month on Verizon


HoFo is a great resource

How does transferring the plan to a new “owner” work?




so…the people who have these old accounts do not want to sell them, unless for a pretty high sum. They want to charge monthly. The guy I got mine from probably pays $70. I pay him $140. that is fine. I get good high speed cellular good for maybe 800GB per month for $140? no problem.
If yoy BUY it, expect to pay close to a grand. then what if you do not like it, or no longer need it? I think better to pay monthly

You can try this guy - I know he has a large number of these accounts. He is the one I got mine from
JMS [email protected]

google it

HoFo = Howard Forums

I appreciate the info, it seems a bit crazy to pay thousands for a “pre-owned” plan :flushed:

Thanks, appreciate the clarification.

Enjoy your weekend

I just got my transit duo and looking for the best plans as well. Which ones did you end up getting?
As far as att is concerned, which one did you get? I went to their store yesterday and they didn’t have anything that they thought would suit a device such as a Transit Duo…

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