Reliability of Surf Soho with Verizon USB730L Modem

Can anybody comment on the reliability of using the Surf Soho in combination with a Verizon USB730L modem? I’d like to use the combination to monitor a thermostat and security camera at a remote cabin (along with some light web surfing).

Based on a recommendation from the 5G store, I initially purchased a Pepwave BR1 Mini. After spending 2+ hours with multiple technical reps at the Verizon store trying to activate the unit, they concluded that the BR1 mini does not work with Verizon’s Consumer cellular data plans. They recommended using the USB730L modem with a wifi router.

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We use the Surf soho MK3 with a Netgear AC791L from Verizon. We use a cell booster and typically get around -74 Signal strength, and around 4 to 12 Signal to noise ratio.
All works very well. You need good signal strength as upload will be important to monitor Cam over cellular connection. We have a 60GB plan with Verizon. We use it for everything because that’s the way we get internet.

Ballistic. Thanks for your response! Can you comment on the long term reliability of the AC791L? In the past I tried to use a Verizon Jetpack MHS800L, but the unit would lock up after about 2 weeks of continuous use. Unfortunately the only way to reset the unit was to physically turn it off and back on again. That was inconvenient since I live about 150 miles away.

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Reliability is good, and we have been using it for a year and a half now. We replaced the battery at about the one year mark. When they are connected all the time the battery tends to swell, and this is typical with any of the cellular hot spots. The AC791L is connected to the Surf soho MK3 via usb for the WAN at this time. I have connected it via WiFi before and that also works pretty good. Here is the setup.

If you go with the AC791L I will show the settings We use. I monitor security cams all the time via iPhone.

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Thanks Ballistic. That looks like a nice setup!

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Your Welcome

Best to You, and I hope you get a setup going

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I’m considering giving this particular modem a try for my client. Is there anything special to consider when setting this up? I see it’s been a while since you made this recommendation… Are you still using it?

Yes still using thE AC791L.
Setup is pretty straight forward. Of course Verizon is trying to set us up with a different one, but there not on the list from peplink.
Just ask if you have any questions, I will try to answer them best I can.

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