[Release] Firmware 6.3.0 Beta is Now Available!

Introducing Firmware 6.3! Now entering the beta development stage, 6.3 can
give you even better control over your deployments:

Configuration Scheduling: Turn on WAN connections, Outbound Policy,
Firewall, and PoE at different times, based on a user-scheduled configuration profile.

Built-In Web Blocking Lists: Block domains from predefined web categories
(e.g. adverts, file sharing)

Port-Based VLAN: Designate a LAN port to a specific VLAN.

DR Site Support for PepVPN and SpeedFusion: When devices are connected
to multiple SpeedFusion profiles, users can configure the OSPF cost of each
SpeedFusion Connection.

URL Logging: Track all the URLs visited by each user.

Firmware 6.3 will be going GA in a couple of weeks time. Until then,
check out the release notes, join the beta program and try it out! As always,
we encourage you to test new firmware before upgrading existing customer
production deployments.


We want to let you know that Firmware 6.3 has entered RC stage! If all goes well, then this Firmware will be publicly launched as GA in one week.

Take this opportunity to download Firmware 6.3 and try it out!

We are excited to announce the launch of Firmware 6.3, just in time for the holidays. Get it from our download page!