Regarding Peplink 380

How to configure the two different balance 380 in different networks

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Need more detail - perhaps a drawing of what you want to achieve?

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I have two balance 380 , and I need to configure these two balance 380 LAN ports in different networks…

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Hi. Do you mean you wish to create and configure two subnets on the “LAN side” of both of the routers?

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Yes, I want to connect end devices to the balance router LAN ports which are in different subnets

OK, so you want to know how to configure the subnets? Do I understand correctly?

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Yes, can you please guide me

I tend to find drawings work best to explain what you want to do. You can always send them to me as a private message if you don’t want to put them on a public forum.


I had established the WAN connections , and now want connect my end devices to each other which are connected to LAN ports

OK. I join @MartinLangmaid in his suggestion that a diagram would be useful, but in the interim, I’ll suggest this as a starting point…

Check the documentation found at (If you have a HW version earlier than 6 the documentation will be slightly different as you are limited to an earlier version of the FW but the steps to be followed are the same.) Peplink’s documentation is FW based rather than HW specific but all Balance models “work” the same vis-a-vis the process of creating a subnet.

In the Balance UI go to Network → LAN → Network Settings → LAN and from there create the subnets you want to use. Unless some configuration has already been done you will find an untagged (i.e. no VLAN) segment already created. If you don’t want/need to create VLANs Peplink has pretty much done all the work for you. If you connect your clients on the LAN side of the router they should work just fine.

Will this information get you started? There are a huge number of parameters than can be changed but without knowledge of your requirements it would be difficult to advice much further.

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