Reference Architecture

Are there any ‘Reference Architectures’ for Peplink products? Especially the balance. For someone new to Peplink, it would be useful to see a recommended architecture by the manufacturer. For example, for a Peplink Balance with dual WANs, does it go in-front of your firewall, does it replace your firewall? What’s the IP addressing on the LAN side, is it NAT’ing? What about VoIP?? etc…

Peplink is one of the only networking manufacturers that I can’t find any reference architectures that showcase where their products should be placed in typical network scenarios. There’s lots of colorful marketing pictures of scenarios, but nothing that shows the details of the architecture. Please help me out as I’m very new to Peplink.

Hi Sam - welcome to the forum!

No there are not any reference architecture documents really. You can put a dual wan balance wherever you want. It can go in front of your firewall (see peter wests video here on drop in mode), or replace it (depending on what firewall features you need).

You can also put it alongside your firewall depending on what you need to do. I did write a deep dive on a deployment a few years ago when I worded for Peplink you can read that here

By default it is in NAT mode,but it can do IP forwarding or L2 transparent (using drop in mode).

The way Peplink works from a design perspective is you come here and ask design questions and Peplink engineers and Peplink partners and consultants like me show you (and everyone else here) how they would do it. Or you can ask your account manager and they can assist. By far the best way though is to buy some product and have a go.

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