Reestablish warranty and care plan.

Hello. My subscription and warranty has expired on my Max HD4. I’ve purchased an additional plan but the license key is not “valid” when I go to reestablish my plan. Do I need a care plan as well as a speed fusion plan in order for cellular bonding to take place? Any help would be most appreciated.

Hello we are a peplink partner and can help you.
Please PM me your s/n , and I will look it up for you and try to assist you.

@jdub, you’ll need a primecare plan in order to use speedfusion if you have one of the discounted “primecare” units (e.g. my primecare max transit duo was $1k instead of $1.7k for the model where you can Ala carte options on).

@Jonathan_Pitts to confirm, is it possible to switch support providers for a hardware unit if you buy a primecare update license elsewhere?

Yes you can switch support providers by renewing from any partner.

Can you renew early and have the extra time pro-rated onto an existing plan with the new provider, or is it best to wait until the current plan is nearly up?

if you renew early you get the full one year, it just extends out the end date.
PM your s/n and we can assist you.

Thanks for the info - we currently have around 7 1/2 months left on our current plan and didn’t want to lose it but really want to switch to a more experienced company that’s not just reading through documentation for the first time.

You have a positive presence on the forum, but I want to do my homework before committing to someone again after being burned. I may very well be reaching out shortly.

Hi Jonathan,
my serial number: xxxx-xxxx-FA40. I don’t think this is the discounted one but can’t figure out which plan to purchase. If you can help that’d be swell.

Masked the SN due to Private & Confidential info to share it.
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@jdub Let me take a look for you.
I sent you a PM.