Recommended VPN client

Can anybody suggest a good openVPN client to use with Peplink devices? I’ve had a few customers that don’t like the one that comes with Windows.


I just hooked up free ProtonVPN to my Balance 20x.

Getting about 20/20 speeds.

Outbound policy directs certain devices to the OpenVPN WAN.

Testing it out before I go all in and buy a 2 year ProtonVPN plus subscription.

It does require purchase of an OpenVPN license from Peplink to activate the OpenVPN client feature on your router.

@stego - what kind of speeds are you getting without VPN?


I am using the free tier option from ProtonVPN so speeds may improve when I upgrade.

Thread discussing openVPN speeds

Im running on latest firmware (8.1.2)

I use Viscosity from Sparklabs as an OVPN client and have for many years now, mostly on MacOS but there is a Windows version too.

Not free, but relatively low cost per user.

Yes. ProtonVPN – based in Switzerland (good.)

FYI… I speed tested with the ProtonVPN iOS app on my iPhone 8 Plus and could pull between 50-100MBPS.

Upfraded to ProtonVPN Basic with “high speed”.

At home on the Balance 20x, same servers, max speeds around 15/15mbps… so it seems this is a hardware limitation on the B20x and not the VPN service.

This woulnd’t be enough to run a household with multiple streaming devices unfortunately.

For now, I have it limited to a subnet where I connect 1 or 2 devices occasionally.

No difference onn baandwidth between the free and basic tiers. Higher latencies on free as they only let you pick between 3 foreign countries.

I’m thinking here this is purposefully done so allow room for other features to operate normally.

The specs on the B20x state support up to 60mbps for PepVPN. If running Speedfusion, or pepVPN to another branch or device whilest also having an OVPN Wan actively being used would with no limit would probably bring the device down to its knees.

Looking at high end devices like the Balance 310x, it supports up to 2.5GBPS and 500MBPS PepVPN with full 256 AAES encryption.

But those devices aren’t targeted for home users.


Thanks everyone! I appreciate the great information.

great advice @stego