Recommended Users

Ok so after a bunch of real world scenarios and what your site says and what other people say in regards to recommended users for each device. I want a personal opinion for all of the devices below because I have a few balances that are well over the recommended users and I have no problems.

Pepwave Surf Soho - typically 1-15 depending
Balance 20 - typically 5-30 but some around 40-only 2 but upgrading soon.
Balance One - typically 20-55 but 1 with 80 and works great
Balance 210 - typically 25-55 but 4 with around 100 and works great

Basically I just want to know from all you Peplink engineers, just list me these three listed above and the maximum devices you would have running through them, thanks.

I think it’s more of the load each of those users are putting on the router, rather than a hard cap on the users themselves. I would imagine that Peplink was conservative with their posted “max” users, that way there is some wiggle room and so that someone doesn’t claim they aren’t getting the max load possible.

Thanks for the answer. This best explains the thoughts behind. :blush:

Thanks guys, makes sense.