Recommended Cellular Modem (Non USB) to use WAN Port of Balance One


Does Peplink have any recommendations on Cellular Modems (Non USB) that connect via Ethernet cable to WAN port of Balance One Router.
Cellular Modem would be used in United States with 4G LTE cellular carriers.
Cellular Modem would need an External Antenna jack.


Hello @AstiRusty
Only one brand we can recommend here, the Pepwave MAX series, head over to the Peplink website at to see the range.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


I was going to make the same suggestion. Been using a MAX BR1 at home (rural California, so LTE is my best option). It’s an amazing device, and supports external MIMO antennas.


Thanks for reply. But Pepwave MAX would be over-kill, being it is full router and I already own three PepLink Balance One Routers. One of which I use a USB Cellular Modem on to provide Internet Access in remote location back to another Balance One via PepVPN.

What I was looking for was a Cellular Modem (with Ethernet port) that could be connected to WAN port of Balance One that has USB Cellular Modem. Purpose was to provide Emergency Backup through WAN Connected Cellular Modem, in case USB Cellular Modem connection failed.


Try these guys, I use them and they’re terrific…


A MAX BR1 Mini in IP passthrough mode, then? For $300 I don’t think you’ll find much else better than that. At least not from what I’ve seen… what’s your budget?


I use a Netgear LB1110. Works OK for me, but I have not used it with an external antenna, so I can’t comment on that.




Please correct me if I am wrong lovelyjublly, but don’t the Dovado routers need an external USB 4G/LTE modem?

I was not aware they have a built in 4G Modem?




I use a Netgear LB1110…

I had bought one as soon as they came out, but I didn’t see Carrier Aggregation with it (same speeds as the Unite Pro that I was using before it), and then it started powering off every 15 minutes… defective. Since I read some others had teh same problem, and it was a brand new product I started looking elsewhere.

I ended up with a BR-1 mini. Yes, quite a bit more expensive, and overkill with my Balance One, but rock solid and I get Carrier Aggregation, and faster speeds than the LB1110 or Unite Pro.


Thanks everyone for input. I will look at all suggestions.