Recommended AP One X Height from Ground Level

Dear Guys ,

Please some one who has any experience on deploying Pepwave outdoor devices answer my questions :

1- What would be the approximate experimental coverage for the AP One X in square meter :confused:
2- What would be the best height to mount the AP so that clients with smart phones and laptops could get a good coverage on the ground level :confused:

Waiting your answers…


Hi Hootan,

Firstly, we can provide you with the transmit power of AP One X. It is difficult for us to provide the specific ranges of the signal.
You can see the transmit power of AP One X from the following link.

If you could take a look at AP One X under “Wi-Fi Specification for AP One, AP One X”, the transmit power (maximum) says 33dbm.
This is the dbm when you enable “boost” option in the AP One.

If you calculate dbm to Watt, 33dbm turns out to be 2.0W.
Theoretically speaking, 2.0W should give you roughly 600 meters in a perfect line-of-sight environment where there is no interference at all.
Please be aware that it decreases the length of the signal in a real environment especially with 2.4Ghz band because this band is highly congested, which creates a lot of interference, and that obstacles such as trees and walls drastically affect the length as well.

Secondly, omni antennas broadcast signals as the below image shows.

David D. Coleman, David A. Westcott from “CWNA® Certified Wireless - Network Administrator - Study Guide”. Wiley Publishing, Inc.

You can image how an 8dBi omni antenna that comes with AP One X broadcasts its signal. Based on this information, you should be able to figure out the location of the AP.

Installing APs needs a number of evaluations utilizing WiFi analysis tools. It is ideal that you perform periodical maintenance on each AP as well due to the fact that there can be much more interference after the initial installation. It is sometimes challenging, but that’s the nature of wireless.

I hope this information helps.

Dear Haruki ,

Thanks for the valuable information.
So if I understand correctly , we need to mount the radio in a lower position to the ground level for better coverage for clients , but if we’d like to Mesh the radios it would be better to mount them in a line of sight and on a higher level than the ground to prevent interference from other neighbor radios ? Is that right ?


Yes, theoretically your statement should be correct. At the same time, we always recommend that customers perform site evaluations utilizing WiFi analysis tools because the shape of the signal from the antenna can change depending on the environments.

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