Recommendation for small office with 5 users

I am looking for a recommendation for a small office with 5 users and maybe 5 customers using wireless. I am not a professional IT, it is my collateral duty, and I am looking for some advice before I buy hardware.

I need 4 LAN ports but would like 8 for future expansion possibilities.
I need wireless, one access point will cover the whole office.
I was looking at the Balance one since that would have everything, but it looks like older hardware.
Should I be worried about that and consider another option?
Such as Balance 20 with an AP or 20X.
Does a WIFI6 AP work with any router?

Hi Kael,

I would recommend the 20x as it will future proof you.

If you really need 8 ports then the next step up would be the 310x but this does not have WiFi so you will need to look at one of the Peplink APs to cover you on that front. Also a big step up in price too.

You could always add an addition 5 port gigabit switch if you really needed to extend this but you may loose some functionality.

Yes WiFi6 APs will work with the above units.



Honestly, you need to provide more information. What is the internet being used for? How much bandwidth is needed? How many/what type of ISPs. Etc.

Thank you,
Just one ISP, Cox Business 100M
Needs are expected to be less than that.
Accessing the cloud service for electronic medical records
max of 2 streams of video conferencing
5 lines VOIP
We will cap a modest amount for customer entertainment.