Recommendation for FusionHub Hosting in VA


I’m looking for a server host in VA or the east coast in general to run FusionHub on it. Please post your recommendation.

Thanks in advance

I did some early successful beta testing of our Fusionhub Appliance on Stratogen’s vmware hosting platform They have datacenters in New Jersey and Baltimore. I would suggest you give them a try.

Do let us know how you get on.

@MartinLangmaid - Thanks for your suggestion, and your YouTube videos, which I’ve been trying to follow. I’ve been granted a trial by StratoGen, downloaded FusionHub and the VMware OVF Tool, but I can’t make it convert the .ova file to .ovf. I have no experience in Terminal, SSH etc. and am completely lost!

Is there any reason why Peplink can’t simply give us a .ovf file, please?

Hi Edward, I have uploaded the OVF to dropbox for you. Dropbox - Error - Simplify your life

Hi Martin. Thank you so much - you are a little superstar! :up: I have wasted far too much time trying to figure this out! :confused:[/quote]

Hi Martin

Another quick question, please. Is FusionHub able to run on DigitalOcean? Early last year it was suggested that DigitalOcean and AWS would be among the first to be supported, but there’s no mention of DigitalOcean on the FusionHub page.

If so, am I right in understanding that the cost of running FusionHub on DigitalOcean would be around $10 per month](Pricing Overview | DigitalOcean)???

Thanks, Edward

Hi Edward, not currently. We are exploring the possibility to run FusionHub on DigitalOcean, stay tuned.

Hi Martin

I’m sorry to report that I had no luck getting FusionHub to work on AWS or StratoGen, so I’m now trying ElasticHosts as per your YouTube video.

However, I am now stuck converting the .vmdk file to .raw. Could you possibly upload the file to DropBox, please?

Many thanks, Edward

Hi Edward, please download the zipped raw file here. You need to unzip it before use. Can you give more details about the failure in AWS?

Hi Kenny. Many thanks for the link to the zipped raw file. I do appreciate it.

AWS - I successfully followed the instructions in the FusionHub Installation Guide (1.1.0-5) up until page 67. Everything looks exactly as per the Guide, but when I try to access FusionHub’s admin interface via the Public IP shown next to my Instance, it just times out. I’ve tried it repeatedly, both in Safari and Firefox, but the same thing happens each time.

Martin Langmaid has very kindly been helping me to set up a trial of FusionHub with ElasticHosts, but we haven’t discussed the problems I had with AWS, and I would be very interested in your thoughts, thank you.

Hi Edward, which AWS region (Oregon / Ireland / …) you were using?

Hi Kenny. I’m in Thailand, so I’ve been using AWS Singapore.