Recommendation for Cellular/LTE modem for use with Peplink SOHO Mk3

I just got a Peplink SOHO Surf MK3, and it’s working great as a router for my RV.

I’d like to set up a cellular modem for failover.

My RV has 2 LTE antennae that supports CAT-12 (two LTE antennae), so I’d like to get a CAT-12 (2x2 MIMO) LTE modem, if possible, that plugs into the usb port on the back of the Peplink SOHO Surf.

I’ve done a few searches, and I can’t seem to find the right one. Either the modem doesn’t support external antennae, or they have a USB output.

Any suggestions on a modem? Does peplink make just-a-usb-modem?

Is it possible to use a dongle that converts USB to ethernet, and connects to an ethernet port on the modem? Something like this:


The SOHO is very “good stuff.” But a better solution may be one of the MAX series, all of which have an integrated modem. A “cleaner” solution.

Good antennas already installed are a huge “plus.” I am not sure how many CAT12 USB modems there are out there. Peplink’s list of presently supported modems is here – However, Peplink has been good about adding others and the page I referenced talks about how to do that. I have to say, however, the world is moving away from this approach. Do you really want to attach two transmission lines to tiny jacks on a USB modem-- even if you can find one? If you do it it’ll probably work – but it would be a bit clumsy and rather fragile.

No and no. As a Peplink Partner I’d resist that approach if a customer wanted to go that route.

Absolutely and it works well. See here – Can I Use Ethernet Adapters on the USB WAN?

If I was in a position where I had a SOHO and I did not want to let it fall into disuse my solution would be to use a Max BR1 device in IP pass-through mode connected to the SOHO’s USB port via an ethernet adapter. (We sometimes do that with Balance routers in fixed environments.) However, the much “cleaner” solution is to just use a single Max router. I may also note that the Max routers have other capabilities the SOHO lacks, principally using more than one WAN simultaneously (which opens up a “whole new world.” :grinning:) Maybe take a look here → . There was once a very clean and simple table that comprehensively compared the various models. I’ll try and find it and if I succeed I’ll post it here for you.

Edit: Here’s the comparison table – - Model Comparison. The table does not indicate the class of the cel modem. I suspect that in this table “LTE” means 4 and “LTEA” means 6 but I’ll be pleased to be corrected if wrong.

Hello lux

We just received the AT&T IFWA-40 cellular modem/router.
There is a 50 GB or 100 GB plan to get with it. The modem is $199 or 30 payments of $6.67. It has two antenna ports for optional external antenna.

It can connect to the Surf soho via Ethernet or WiFi WAN.
We are very happy with it.
Seeing a -80 signal on it that lights up all four bars. I disabled the WiFi on the device and used the Ethernet to connect to the Surf soho. The Surf soho is used to distribute Ethernet and WiFi to our devices.
In my opinion it’s better than a device tethered via usb. How ever we have a Verizon jetpack as a standby and it’s tethered via the USB port.

I just did a speed test…28Mbps down and 6Mbps up.