Recommend outdoor omni-directional antenna for pepwave surf?

Looking at the pepwave surf – and wondering if there are any officially recommended omni-directional outdoor antennae. I’m looking for an outdoor antennae to extend the reach of the pepwave 802.11 wifi client – as well as an outdoor antennae to extend the range of att 3g/4g/LTE modem

Each antenna will be located approx 50 feet from each device and connected via LMR-400.


Check this out, Ben. Those folks at 3GStore has a 9.5" outdoor omni antenna that you can buy with the Surf On-The-Go. These guys know our product well and they are good with Wi-Fi. I have heard good things about them.

I Have a question on this topic also …

Does it support to connect a directional antenna to AP One X for point to multi-point scenarios ?


Yes, AP One X can connect a directional antenna for point to multi-point application, but need to make sure the horizontal beam width of the directional antenna can cover your designed area.


Thank you so much.