Recent changes in CSP for InTouch? Web interface functionality broken for a device accessed via InTouch.

We use InTouch to connect to Sony projectors and use the Web interface for projector control. The projectors are connected to Peplink MAX BR1 Mini devices. When accessed from the same LAN everything everything loads and works as expected. When accessed through InTouch the web interface loads partially and all functionality is broken.
The browser console reveals that when accessed via InTouch there are various errors, including “403 Forbidden” responses for requests to webctrl.cgi.elf. Also there are warnings and errors related to Content Security Policy (Content-Security-Policy: Ignoring ‘x-frame-options’ because of ‘frame-ancestors’ directive).
The issue is recent. Neither content blocking nor firewall are set on the Peplink device. Both MAX BR1 Mini and the projector are on the latest firmware. WAN is T-Mobile Cellular.

@Eddie_Yang can you submit a ticket with the following details to let our team check on it?

  1. Device S/N (optionally turn on the Remote Assistance)
  2. InTouch URL
  3. InTouch username/password (preferably if available)

Do quote this forum thread in the ticket too, for the handling team awareness.

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The issue is gone now. Everything is functional again. We haven’t changed anything on our end. Thank you Peplink team if it was you who fixed it.

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