Receiving SMS on MAX BR1 MK2 doesn't work

Does this actually work for anyone? Is it supposed to work? I have the AT&T 100 GB for $55 prepaid plan. It’s working great but to be able to manage the account online, I need a PIN and to get that I need to receive a temporary PIN by text message to the modem’s number.

Over the past year or so since I got it with several different plans, I have never been able to receive anything in the SMS toolbox? They’ve all been with AT&T.

“Manage the account online” basically means check the usage and refill although from what someone at the store said, you don’t really need a PIN to refill. I guess that makes sense since you’re giving something, not receiving it although instructions on suggest that you do need a PIN.

I’m tempted to temporarily put the SIM in a phone but I don’t know if that might raise a flag somewhere since the plan is linked to the Pepwave IMEI.

SMS toolbox works for me. AT&T doesn’t let me text on the plan that I use. You may have the same problem.

I dont think AT&T lets me text on my data plan either.