Reboot on failed health check

We have customers who would like to have the ability to have the MAX-BR1-XXX reboot after missing health checks
This would be a benefit because sometimes with verizon rebooting the device resolves the connectivity issue and would preventive the need for a site visit to reboot the modem
rebooting would also enable a rescan of the the available bands


This could be useful for plenty of remote unmanned type deployments using a single SIM.
Expanding a little, would it be acceptable if only the cellular module was rebooted? This would allow for connected LAN devices to continue to communicate while still giving the cell module a fresh start.
Considering that you may not want the module to reboot after every health check failure what if the cellular health check options included a way to reboot the cellular module after a specified number of health check failures (ex. 100) or if a connection cannot be established after a certain length of time (ex. 60 minutes)?


Good idea. we were looking at health check every 30 minutes and reboot after 2 missed

If this idea gets implemented, Peplink should be careful to have a way to prevent accidental loops. If a WAN is genuinely down for some reason, the device should not reboot repeatedly (unless that’s what the sysadmin wants).

eg. Fail 100 health checks, reboot device, fail 100 more health checks, reboot device, fail infinite health checks.

In our case where the customers modem is on a gas and oil well and there is no other wan to fail over - it would not matter if the device ended up in a loop

we set the health check to 30 minutes and 2 check failures… so it would end up rebooting every hour… We would not want it rebooting every 5 minutes but in the big picture if the device is not communicating it does not matter if it is in a loop… somebody still has to drive 2-3 hours to do maintenance

Most cell outages last hours (not days) so it would correct on its own

We use this to accomplish a similar task. They can be programmed to ping an IP, and if no reply one of the 110v power ports will cycle.

issue with this is now you have another device drawing power off the solar set up which costs more to power and an added expense per site. some of our customers have 2000 sites ($169 per switch device x 2,000 sites = $338,000)

We have worked with the IBOOT DC DATAPROBE…

it would be MUCH better to have the peplink do it

doesnt work if you are powering your peplink using dc power, which many are

How do you know if this is being considered or rejected for a new feature?

On some Peplink models there are ways to reboot the entire unit or cell module via SMS commands. Sure this is not always helpful but may be worth looking into for your needs and better than nothing.

there are also ways to schedule a auto reboot every day at 1 am (Example) but it wold be better if the reboot happened based on an event not just a reboot for reboot sake.

The issue is that once the health check fails and cellular is down there is no way to remote trigger a reboot…It takes along drive in a 4 wheel drive pickup to turn it off and let it reboot

Has there been any progress on this?

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