Reasons for Peplink Balance 310 (Firmware 7.1.0 build 3504) hang

Hi all,

Im having trouble with Peplink Balance 310 (Firmware 7.1.0 build 3504). Tried to get some info bout reasons why our Peplink hang?

Recent view only talk about temperature. Any other?

Please helppp… :frowning:


Please ensure you are using latest firmware version. We fixed the system stability issue in 8.0.2. You may refer to the release note.

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Hi TK Liew,

Currently still run under 7.0 version. And will upgrade soon.

Still, my curiosity towards the requirement that might cause of it turn up hang all of sudden.

Does the latest version FW caused the old version start to run improperly?


Below is the possibilities which causes the device hangs. So, we need to isolate the problem one by one.

  1. Device is overwhelmed.
  2. Inconsistent power input.
  3. System bug.
  4. Hardware issue.

The easiest way is upgarding the firmware since there is a known issue in the old firmware. We may need to look into other possibilities if the problem persists after the upgrade.

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