Really slow spee problem on WiFi

I’ve already contacted TWC about this and they swear it’s not a problem on their end (for whatever that’s worth). They claim that wifi speed problems are likely due to my router.

I have a Surf SoHo that I recently purchased. Wire connection seems to be fine most of the time.

I am supposed to get 50Mbps down. On wired, this isn’t too hard. Usually, it’s higher than 50. On Wifi, it ranges from between 400Kbps to 4-5Mbps. Doesn’t matter where in the house, either. Wifi speed is consistently bad.

Seems like that’s way off from where it should be. I am in the country, more or less and don’t have a lot of neighbors. So, I’m wondering what the issue is/could be. Problem really started when I swapped out the TWC Gateway for an Arris modem/Surf Soho combo.

Testing on, graph looks like a rollercoaster. On, it just shows that I’m 90% slower than the average TWC user. So far I’ve tried 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz channels, I’ve reset the power multiple times and TWC has reset things on their end. I’ve set a lot of wifi settings to “auto” where applicable. Nothing is helping.

Any ideas what this could be or what I should do next?


Are you using the built in or external antennas?

External, and externals are switched on.

Can you confirm what kind of Wi-Fi speeds you were getting with the TWC gateway?

I was getting probably between 50% and 70% of the wired connection. Sometimes I would get close to the wired connection though.

Most Wi-Fi related speed issues tend to be interference or congestion. Are you running any baby cams or other 2.4GHz devices? Have you tried the speed test from multiple devices?

You should do a speed test on both 2.4 and 5 sitting right next to it to see what the result is.

Yes, As I mentioned before, tested both 2.4 and 5. I’m currently on 5Ghz. I’ve done tests from 2 Macs, 2iPhones, and an iPad. All the same problem.

No baby cams. We do have a security system, but it’s hard wired, not wireless. Even if that’s the case, I find it hard to believe that having a few devices on the network at the same time (we never use all our devices at once) would drop speeds from 50Mbps to 400Kbps.

Any other ideas I can try?

What result do you get when you are right next to the SOHO?

Sorry for the delayed response. I was thinking about how to answer this, but I think I’ll stick to what I originally wrote up there in the first post. It doesn’t matter where I am. Speeds are consistently bad.

Next to the device on Wifi/wireless? 400kb. Sometimes 1Mbps sometimes 20Mbps. Sometimes 50Mbps.


…right now, I am on wired connection. 1Mbps. It’s supposed to be 50+.

Oh, one thing i hadn’t noticed until the other day: Sometimes, the SOHO’s wifi light just freezes and stops working. If I unplug/wait 30sec/plug back in, it starts working again for a while.

TWC said it’s a syncing problem but they aren’t actually offering a real explanation or a fix. Since the problem began when I turned in their gateway and plugged in the Arris modem + the Pepwave, everyone wants to point fingers at the other guy instead of offering a solution.

Which takes me back to my original question, which is, what should I do to fix this problem?


Since you are also getting intermittent slow speeds on a wired connection you can eliminate the Wi-Fi being the issue. TWC is saying there is a syncing problem and this would be between the Arris modem and their network.

Hi David,

Tim is right as the intermittent slow speed on wired connection can eliminate the WIFI being the issue.

Please consider to perform the following test to isolate the the issue from SOHO:

  1. Wired Performance Test

  2. WIFI Performance Test

Do perform file transfer between the PC1 and PC2 and you should able to know the performance for the Surf SOHO compare the TWC ( Arris modem) WAN speeds.

Thank You

Well, I’ve been monitoring things now. And, we’re back to intermittent speed on the wi-fi, but now the wired connection seems to be OK. So, I’m back to the wireless being an issue. Avg between 400kbps and 3Mbps down, regardless of where I am. Near the modem/router, it’s sometimes better, but usually not by much. Wired is between 47Mbps and 57Mbps down.

What do I do?

Hi David,

Just to confirm you are getting 400kbps and 3Mbps down (PC2 <–> PC1) for the WIFI Performance test as requested above ?

Thank You

Did you ever reach a resolution to this problem?

We currently have 4 SOHO devices at 4 different locations with 4 different ISPs experiencing the same exact issue.

From the wired LAN connection we receive the advertised ISP speeds 75MB, 100MB, etc download.

Using the WiFi we receive unusable speeds hovering around <1MB to 5MB.

Make sure both AP’s are on a different and clear channel. Better yet turn off the other WiFi AP when comparing. For example if you have your Peplink and the ISP modem/router combo sitting next to each other they will interfere even when set on a different channel.

Further I had a similar issue with my iPhone where tests came out very bad. Until I reset the network settings and erased the history.