Read only IC2 setting locally on a device


Following the incident on Monday ( we have been discussing ways of not only preventing a repeat of the incident but also how we customers/partners more control of IC2’s interaction with the peplink/pepwave devices that you manage.

One idea which we have been discussing is a an addition to the device firmware where you would have the ability to make the device read only to IC2 preventing any new changes being pushed to the device while the setting is active. This would sit along side the option to disable IC2 access completely.

The idea here is that this feature would still allow remote web access (allowing for manual changes as before) and all reporting functions to occur while allowing for certainty that no accidental changes could be made from IC2 without expressly disabling this setting on the device.

We would like to gauge interest on this idea before we look to implement and as such would appreciate any feed back on this.

[Incident Update] PepVPN / SpeedFusion and InControl (MARS) issues

This sounds like an solid Idea.
Would also like to see an option like this and with also the option to still be able to push a config when manually done by a user.
but disable pushing stuff automatic when an update has been done to IC2.


+1 for this feature

In my case, only manual changes to device should be allowed !!

This is a good point for peplink team. You learned from mistake !




+1 on this feature ! Excellent Idea. somthing like RO/RW choice option for InControl Management.