Reaching Peplink 310 over LTE Connection

At the moment, i´m using an Pepling 310 with 3 DSL an 1 LTE connection.
For the DSL, i use static IP, but in Germany, you get no static ip for LTE.
But this is not the problem. I change APN to get an official ip for the LTE connection.
But I cannot reach the peplink router. I´m using an Huawei E3276 Stick.
This Stick and all the other Huawei Sticks have a In Build Router, witch
doing nat for outside traffic. But no possibility, do to make an portforward or
to switch to bridge Mode.

I´m searching for an LTE Stick, who is able to bring traffic von outside IP
to inside, or to work in brigde mode and of course, does support Peplink.

Does anybody know?


Can you reach Peplink via 3 DSL links?

Yes, of course.


You can find the Peplink supported 3G/4G modem here.

I know this URL well.
Does Peplink support Modems in BridgeMode, so that die Outside IP-Adresse
will be mananged bei PEP-Link?
Maybe, I did a configuration mistake.
I set the Mobile Config to Auto:

Should I better use “Custom Mobile Operator Settings”?
Will I get die Outside IP Adresse on Peplink?

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Yes the balance can take ownership of the Public IP of the cellular USB modem as long as that specific USB modem and carrier allow IPPT (IP Passthrough).

Custom Mobile Operator Settings will allow you to manually configure APN, Username and Password.

You need to check with your carrier to see if they support a publicly routable IP address. The Peplink works with both private and public IP addresses.

To the OP, while not quite answering your specific question on what modems will do what you want, it can work. Probably as indicated above. I have several Android LTE phones that I have connected as USB modems (with AT&T) and I have been able to reach the Peplink from another external IP without having to do anything special (other than DDNS). I was pleasantly surprised that the Peplink DDNS implementation takes everything into consideration and the DDNS actually gets your providers public IP and not simply the WAN IP of the Peplink. I was able to initiate a VPN connection from the remote site to the Peplink behind the USB tethered phone. I did not have to do anything special regarding the USB modem setup, it just worked. The VPN was of course another issue :).


Now w´re coming closer. So, you do it with Android Phones. Some Idea, but I would prefer an LTE-Stick.
I have no problem, to get a public IP-Adress from my provider and the DDNS Settings works very fine.
I get always the actual address. I have checked this.

As you do it by a Android Phone, you have no possibility to extend the antenna. Thats why I prefer LTE-Sticks.
Some of them have antenna interfaces.

But coming back to the center problem.

I need to find out two things and booth must be in state accept.
First: Witch USB-LTE-Stick does IPPT?
And Second, Of course: Is supported by PEPLINK?
And if paradise is so close to offer me a third wish: Has this stick interfaces for an external antenna?

Check with your preferred carrier(s) and see what they are offering for sticks, then you can check that against our list.

I was afraid of this answer.
I´ll tell you why.
In Germany we have LTE with 2 frequencies.
800 Mhz on the country side.
2600 Mhz in and around the cities.
To find out, if a stick will do IPPT or not, is a hard peace of work.
Because calling the provider and find a person who knows this,
is hard.
What i know is, that all HUAWEI Sticks does not.
If anybode has an idea or some help, I would appreciate this.

just use PEPMIN

and then if you can open PepVPN connection to this device on LTE side you will be able to reach it via it’s LAN IP